Who We Are

Envisioning the increasing need for secured, comfortable and luxurious living places for the rapidly growing population, Urban Design & Development Ltd began its journey in 1995. Mr. Nazim Uddin Ahmed, a dynamic, innovative and visionary young entrepreneur started the company using his in-depth exposure in real estate.

Popularly known as Urban, the company has been able to create greater value of living for its clients, landowners, and stakeholders as one of the leading companies in the industry.

Till date, Urban has completed 125+ projects in the most prime locations of Dhaka city – Dhanmondi, Gulshan, Banani, Uttara, Baridhara. Over 470 landowners have trusted Urban with their valuable land. More than 95% of Urban’s projects have come through the reference of the company’s existing landowners. This shows the immense faith and confidence these landowners have on Urban.

Over 5000+ families have chosen Urban apartments. Urban is committed to providing lifelong after sales services and utmost comfort & safety to these apartment dwellers.

The Urban team is a unique blend of long experienced professionals of technical and management expertise guided by strong motivation, drive and commitment for outstanding achievement. The company puts great emphasis on selection and development of its human resources so it can best meet the needs of its valued clients.

Core Purpose

To be the most preferred brand

In Real Estate Industry

Core Values

Our Customers & Our Work

We always prioritize the living comfort, safety and social dignity of our customers. We ask ourselves whether we would feel comfortable and safe living in a place we are developing for our customers. We ask ourselves whether our customers will feel proud to live in our apartments. We innovate to give our customers extra comfort and prioritize safety measures.

We take pride in building lifelong relationships with our customers. Customers should always feel that we are reliable and easy to approach for any of their needs or problems. We are committed to go above and beyond to exceed expectations and nurture relationships to stand the test of time. We provide the benefit of doubt to our customers even if it results in some short term loss for the company.

Our People

We value diversity and foster an inclusive work environment. By embracing and celebrating individual differences, we promote innovation, creativity and equal opportunities for all employees to thrive and contribute their unique perspectives. We encourage open dialogue and collaboration, ensuring that all voices are heard and valued.

We create an enabling environment for individuals to showcase their skills and talent. Individuals should have the freedom to express their thoughts and showcase their capabilities. Through this open communication, we foster innovation, personal growth and a sense of belonging within our company. 

We encourage everyone to give their best for the company. We nurture individuals in our company like family members and ensure their growth through constant training. Everyone, irrespective of their capabilities, background or position in the company should have the same respect. We are very careful about who we include in the company, and do our best to retain them through continuous nurturing.

We are committed to supporting our people in their times of need. Our assistance program is intended to help our colleagues with unexpected expenses, especially medical ones. We also provide our colleagues with access to our network, which can help them to navigate a challenge they are facing.

How We Work

We are transparent in everything we do. We never misrepresent. We never make a promise we cannot keep just for the sake of short term gains. We ensure legal and moral compliance in all our dealings. We value honesty and integrity above anything else. Through transparency, we create an environment of authenticity, trust and mutual understanding.

We must always be humble in all our actions. We embrace the idea that there is always more to learn and room for growth, both as individuals and as a company. We encourage humility by actively seeking feedback, acknowledging our mistakes, and remaining open to different perspectives and ideas. We foster a culture of continuous growth, and create meaningful and lasting relationships with those we work with.

Our Commitment

We believe in actively contributing to the well being of the distressed communities. Giving back is not a one time act but an ongoing commitment to creating a better society.

We are environmentally conscious in regards to our business practices. We try to ensure that our actions are environmentally friendly, as much as possible. We have to remember that we have a responsibility towards our next generation.